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Ron Nall & Natasha Reynolds
2016-2017 Membership Social


Ben Womble and Henry Sack, EPA speaker


May 12th meeting

Several display boards through the years were set up for the chapter history portion of meeting    
  Larry Fisher, DRC, speaks on ASHRAE 62.1 application  
  Ron Nall receives 25 yr. plaque for chapter service  
Seven chapter presidents attended the meeting (one left before picture was taken)  


Humidity control in buildings and
indoor pool heating/dehumidification program


The speaker is Channing Everett. His topic was humidity control in buildings and
indoor pool heating/dehumidification.
Congratulation to all attendees. There were 48 present, the second largest meeting attendance


Building Energy Quotient program (BEQ) Nov. 11, 2014



     The speaker is Terry Townsend, ASHRAE Society President 2006-07, speaking to NW Florida on Building Energy Quotient program (BEQ) Nov. 11, 2014.


        2013 Stemm Center              


 Chapter Fellowship and New Board Members 2014