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Presenter: Dan Briggs, President, Genesis Air, Lubbock, Texas.   

WV Research Promotion Fund    Raising this year!!

ASHRAE Research Promotion is unique. It funds research on new technologies and applied applications. Over $2M in research projects are contracted every year. This research has helped create the ASHRAE Handbook Series. Help out by contributing and help us make our goal. Click below to contribute online. All contributions are tax deductible. Please reference WV ASHRAE, our new chapter, when contributing. All of the WV Officers contributed this year for the RP Full Circle status.  

RP Chair - Ray Wohlfarth,

e-mail ray@fireiceheat.com


Our goal this year is $1000.

Our stretch goal is $1200.


Chapter President News

We had our first Chapter meeting on Sept 20 and the turnout was good with AEE members joining ASHRAE members for the joint meeting. Thanks for those that came. For those that missed it, the program presented by ASHRAE Fellow Art Hallstrom focused on Building Energy Disclosure. You can view his PowerPoint on our website under past programs.

Helping WV Cities adopt ASHRAE 90.1-2007 as their commercial energy building code and promoting large commercial and public building energy use disclosures are two key efforts for our Chapter this year. We also heard member interest in encouraging the use of ASHRAE 90.1-2010 in WV in the future with requests made by a State Agency to ask for ASHRAE/AEE’s involvement to educate decision makers in the ASHRAE energy codes so they can make more informed decisions. Using this 2010 Standard saves about 25% energy over the current ASHRAE 90.1-2007 Standard. To give you an idea on what Energy Public Disclosure looks like here is the Minneapolis Justification and Minneapolis Ordinance. WV ASHRAE is happy to work with any WV City interested in these topics in an educational mode. Just contact me or Art Hallstrom, GGAC Chair.  

Some of the lunch meeting attendees live in another nearby state but do their work/sales in WV. Please be aware any ASHRAE member can transfer to or join the WV Chapter no matter where you live or work. Joining WV ASHRAE keeps you in our information loop, promotes networking, gives you access to our chapter member discounts like the IECC/ASHRAE Stds and our new WV Chapter Shirts, and directs your local dues to the WV Chapter.

Reminder: WV has adopted ASHRAE 90.1-2007 as the state non-residential energy code and it went into effect on September 1. We have been told all new permits need to use this Standard and compliance is verified by submitting a COMcheck form.  WV ASHRAE, WVU and the WV State Dept. of Energy have been conducting classes on the ASHRAE 90.1-2007 Standard. The next one is planned for the WV EXPO next March.   

AD Hall and Associates conducted energy code training for the WVCOA on Sept 12/13. Well over 30 code officials from around the state attended. They reviewed 90.1-2007 inspection items and did a full plans review on a ZDS designed hospital and a ZMM designed school. WV ASHRAE VP Jennings Davis presented the ZDS job.  Thanks to these ASHRAE and AEE members and firms for their participation.

I would like to welcome our new Chapter Secretary, Joe Rigney and Chapter Historian, Paul Rigney as part of our Chapter.  Congratulations to Members Grant White on attending the YEA (Young Engineers in ASHRAE) Leadership Training in Atlanta and Ray Wohlfarth (Research Promotions Chair) on attending the ASHRAE Research Promotion training workshop in Chicago. 

WV does not have a single ASHRAE High Performance Building or Technology Award Winner from WV.  At least I do not know of one. We need to promote our member's design successes. If you think you might have a high performance building, please contact James Lowry, CTTC Chair. 

ASHRAE/AEE members are eager to improve West Virginia’s building energy efficiency ranking, currently at the bottom among the 50 states.  Energy Star certifications are being encouraged to also improve energy awareness.  Our neighbor, Kentucky is promoting Energy Star Certification for all new schools being built in that state and the total number of schools achieving Energy Star has risen from 7% to 20% in the last 5 years, a remarkable feat.  West Virginia ASHRAE/AEE’s goal is to increase Energy Star Certification (currently about ½% of all schools achieving Energy Star Certification in 2013) by adopting good design practices through using ASHRAE Standards and guidelines.  Participating in West Virginia Chapter of ASHRAE/AEE is an excellent way to improve one’s skills in improving energy efficiency without sacrificing Indoor air Quality for buildings that provide long lasting benefits for the future.  The return on investment for adopting energy efficiency in the design of building has been documented to be as high as 50% - who wouldn’t want to achieve that rate of return?  Compare that return with a typical bank interest rate of 1% and investing in energy efficient building is an excellent investment.  A focus on the long term benefits of a building instead of lowest initial costs can provide a lasting value.

 Mr. Todd A. Zachwieja, PE, CEM, LEED AP,

WV ASHRAE Chapter President, WV CRC Alternate



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Chapter Photos 

Aug. 2013 Meeting


Smiling Chapter Presidents holding New WV Banner

Todd A. Zachwieja and Dustin Meredith


 WV Energy Standards Discounted!

ASHRAE or AEE member can buy the new WV Energy Code Book at a substantial discount price of $62 with Free S&P. Book is shrink-wrapped. This is a discount of 50% off typical list price. Book contains the  residential 2009 IECC and Commercial ASHRAE 90.1 2007, which goes into effect this year.

WV ASHRAE Chapter Shirt

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ASHRAE Free Publications

ASHRAE offer two free publications. Advanced Energy Design Guides (AEDG) that cover many building types and the ASHRAE IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Guide.

The ASHRAE AEDG's have been downloaded over 500,000 times. They show designers how to design a building that is 50% more efficient than ASHRAE 90.1-2004.

The Indoor Air Quality Guide: Best Practices for Design, Construction and Commissioning is available for a free download. www.ashrae.org/FreeIAQGuidance .

From the ASHRAE President: The free release of the IAQ guide is a major contribution to promotion of better IAQ in buildings. Please take advantage of the opportunity to download and learn from this valuable resource. Energy crises and global climate change have made energy use and carbon emissions reduction high priorities for our community. We need to take the consequences of poor indoor environmental quality just as seriously and put the same level of effort into designing, constructing, and operating buildings to be safe and comfortable and to promote health and productivity. The IAQ guide is the best resource currently available for learning about practical ways to achieve this most important objective.