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What is ASHRAE RP?

ASHRAE RP is a Standing Committee within ASHRAE that manages and supports both the Society-level fundraising and Chapter-level fundraising of the RP Campaign. Traditionally supporting just research, the RP Campaign was expanded 10 years ago to include support of Education & ALI, Endowed Research through ASHRAE Foundation and ASHRAE Scholarships (20%), YEA programs and the General/Unrestricted fund (<5%) while >75% still is either earmarked by their donors or are directed by the Board of Directors to go funding the research that is the backbone of our society.

Are you a member of the ASHRAE RP Fundraising Campaign?  Your ASHRAE RP Resource is

Six Types of Funds

In this short video, our very own Region VII Chris Gray (RMCR) outlines the six types of Research Promotion (RP) funds, and provides a few tips on engaging with the community.

JR Anderson Awards:

“JR Anderson Travel Award” – to cover the travel costs of attending the ASHRAE Winter Conference for
one student or YEA member, so that he/she might learn more about ASHRAE ‐ the technical knowledge,
the collaborations, and the friendships to be made.

“JR Anderson Building Commissioning Certification Award” – to help a YEA Member earn their
certification for Building Commissioning (BCxP) by paying the cost to sit for the exam. 

Link to donate -

RP At Work in Region VII
You are welcome to browse a few samples of Final Reports from RP Projects awarded in Region VII.
These are only the first few pages of each, provided as a sample. Contact to obtain the full text of any final report.

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